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Using Managing Entities to Increase Evidenced Based Practices

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Managing entities (ME)s as vehicles for the delivery of Evidenced-Based Practices (EBP)s

DCF System Redesign

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DCF Behavioral Health Contracting and Reimbursement: Current State Policy, Impact in Communities; April 2006
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Contracting with Community Managing Entities
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DCF System Conversion and Medicaid Managed Care: The impact on provider contracting and reimbursement

Desired Qualities of Managing Entities

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Document taken from paper distributed by DCF on
June 30, 2005
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Summary of DCF Managing Entities Work Group Meeting
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Additional DCF First Guidance Regarding Managing Entities/Provider Networks

Consultant Resumés

Barbara C. Corbett

  PowerPoint Presentation Consultant available with expertise in HMO/ PPO contract negotiation, Messenger Model negotiations for provider networks, Information Systems for provider organizations, establishing networks as Medicaid billing agents, and Tools for utilization management

Thomas Lucking

  PowerPoint Presentation Thomas Lucking has provided training and technical assistance to the State office, provider networks and local agencies in Florida over the past 10 years. He specializes in helping behavioral health systems and providers address the organizational dimensions of Transition. Areas of expertise include: network development, clinical pathway development, planning, marketing, and profitability improvement. Thomas Lucking has provided behavioral health consultation services in 28 states as well. Previously, he was CEO of a large provider agency in Michigan

Frequently Asked Questions About Behavioral Health care Networks

Thomas E. Lucking, EdS

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February 2005
Thomas Lucking is a behavioral health consultant who has provided services in more than thirty states. He has facilitated the development of networks and reviewed the functioning of networks in many of these states. The questions included in this PDF document have been posed to him by those interested in behavioral health care networks.

FADAA Policy: Endorsing Provider Sponsored Networks

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This document summarizes recent legislation relevant to Provider Sponsored Networks, the benefits of PSNs, and FADAA's endorsement.

Web Board Discussions to Answer your Questions About Networks


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Sample Questions

Want to know what’s going on with managed care and network development, in your district and across the state? Want to join discussions about clinical best practices in network service delivery systems? Join the password protected, threaded discussions on the FADAA web site: “Sharing the Tools to Success - Provider Sponsored Networks.” You can post a question or a statement, and come back later to check the responses from other FADAA members.

District 8 Behavioral Health Network Readiness-Assessment and Recommendations

Thomas E. Lucking, EdS

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August 2003
District 8 is one of three Florida Districts piloting different methods to improve publicly-funded behavioral care services. The District 8 Pilot features the development of a provider-sponsored network that is augmented by an administrative services organization. The consultant reviewed documents that described District 8 service and payment trends and the development of the network. On June 9, 10, and 11 of 2003, he visited network providers, interviewed District 8 staff members, and met with representatives of network member organizations. This report describes the network’s readiness and presents recommendations for consideration by the Florida Department of children and Families (DCF), District 8, and providers.

Evaluation of Florida’s Mental Health and Substance Abuse System Redesign Strategies

   Year 1 Report

Neil Jordan Ph.D.
Julienne Giard M.S.W.
Pat Robinson M.S.W.
Rebecca Larsen M.S.P.H.
Mary Rose Murrin, M.A.

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June 2002
Under contract with the Department of Children and Families (DCF) and in accordance with the requirements of Senate Bill (SB)1258, the Louis de la Parte Florida Mental Health Institute (FMHI), University of South Florida, is conducting an ongoing formative evaluation of the financing strategies authorized to be implemented by the legislation. The demonstration sites that were selected were DCF District 1, including Escambia, Okaloosa, Santa Rosa and Walton Counties and DCF District 8, including Charlotte, Collier, Glades, Hendry and Lee Counties. FMHI’s role is to help identify the most effective methods and techniques used to manage, integrate, and deliver behavioral health services as specified in the legislation. This report describes the progress achieved during fiscal year (FY) 2001-2002.

Evaluation Results of the Prepaid Mental Health Demonstration

   Year 7 - Areas 1 and 6

David L. Shern, Ph.D. and the Evaluation Team
Louis de la Parte Florida Mental Health Institute

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August 2004
This powerpoint presentation is a briefing for the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Corporation.

Network Readiness Questionnaire


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This document, from the Central Florida Behavioral Health Network, poses 12 questions to consider in designing a Provider Sponsored Network.

Provider Sponsored Networks: Building Partnerships


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CFBHN presentation from the FADAA conference in August, 2004.

Central Florida Behavioral Health Network (CFBHN) Status Report


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This document summarizes CFBHN status as evaluated by the 2000 CSAT Technical Assistance Report, OPPAGA's 2001 report, and ASO development progress toward 2003 goals.

Central Florida Behavioral Health Network (CFBHN) Overview

"Achieving the dream envisioned in single management strategies"


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Overview of legislation relevant to Provider Sponsored Networks, the definition of a Network, Network benefits, core administrative functions, and more.

Participating in a Provider Sponsored Network


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This document examines board membership vs. network membership vs. contracting.

Managed Care Organizations and Provider Networks: Challenges and Opportunities

Neal Cash, CEO
Community Partnership of Southern Arizona

PowerPoint Presentation
November 2003
An overview of the Arizona model of managed care and the challenges overcome to design the first public sector full-risk behavioral health care system in the United States.

Substance Abuse and Mental Health: Network Design

Celeste Putnam, Deputy Secretary
Substance Abuse and Mental Health, Department of Children and Families

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Summarizes the benefits of an integrated system of behavioral health care for DCF clients and Medipass recipients.

Implementation of SB2404: The Managed Care Time-Table


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This presentation reviews the policy issues and provisions of the Florida Legislature's SB 2404.

Senate Bill 1258 - Key Provisions


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Summarizes SB1258 in under three pages.

Evaluation of Florida's Medicaid Prepaid Mental Health Plans

   Year 6 Report

David L. Shern, Ph.D. and the Evaluation Team
Louis de la Parte Florida Mental Health Institute

PowerPoint Presentation
June 2003
For the past six years, under contract with AHCA, the Louis de la Parte Florida Mental Health Institute (FMHI), has conducted a series of integrated, multi-method evaluation projects designed to assess the effects of the Prepaid Mental Health Plan (PMHP) demonstrations on access, cost, quality, and outcomes of services relative to alternative managed care arrangements, and to the traditional financing arrangements that are in use in the rest of the state.

New State Initiatives in Medicaid and DCF Financing & Contracting


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An evaluation of system changes mandated by the Florida Legislature, including MH/SA integration and inclusion of HMOs.

Contracting with HMOs


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Summarizes the history of substance abuse versus mental health treatment and how current trends in treatment affect delivery of substance abuse services, including inpatient (PHP) vs. intensive outpatient programs (IOP).
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FADAA Issue Paper on Methadone Case Rates
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DCF Work Group Recommendations on Managing Substance Abuse and Mental Health.


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