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FADAA welcomes all substance abuse, mental health, criminal justice professionals and organizations with a vested interest in substance abuse prevention, treatment and recovery as a part of our association. Students, interns, individuals and families may also show their support of our efforts by becoming an active member. This diverse membership creates a deeper understanding of ways to improve substance abuse services.

Individuals and businesses that are vital for FADAA’s successful advancement of addiction treatment, prevention and research include:

  Physicians Childcare Workers Law Enforcement Officers Adolescent Service Providers
  Nurses Psychologists Students and Interns Community Coalitions
  Clinicians Public Health Practitioners Hospitals Faith-based Organizations
  Counselors Substance Abuse Specialists Treatment Facilities Managed Care Organizations
  Therapists Physician Assistants Detox Providers Support Groups
  Social Workers Educators Family Intervention Specialists Individuals in Long Term Recovery

Your membership ensures that FADAA focuses on issues that are important to you.


FADAA is dedicated to offering an assorted selection of benefits chosen to enable members to uphold exceptional quality and professional client services while competitively positioning their agencies for the future. We encourage you to take an active role in your membership by utilizing the resources that are available to you through FADAA.

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Invest in the Future

Become an active member of FADAA and invest in the future of quality substance abuse prevention, treatment and recovery services. Position yourself as a leader in your community by uniting with peers and informing others about the critical need for proper funding and understanding of the addiction field. Use this opportunity to get involved and invest in the future.

Corporate Partnership Application

Corporate Partner

Any organization, in good standing with FADAA, not licensed to provide direct treatment, intervention or prevention services. This category is designed for companies that provide services/products to individuals and agencies working in the field of substance abuse. Corporate partners shall be eligible for agency member discounts and will be listed in all materials which acknowledge agency membership. The corporate partner does not have a position on the Board of Directors and is a non-voting category of membership.

Partnership Packages [PDF]
Partnership Application [PDF]

Agency Member Applications

Full Agency Member:

Qualifications: Any agency licensed by the State of Florida as a hospital or a provider of alcohol or drug abuse prevention, education, intervention and treatment services. The Full Agency member shall be eligible for all membership benefits, including a position on the Board of Directors.

Membership Application [PDF]

Associate Member:

Qualifications: Any organization not licensed to provide alcohol and drug abuse services, and concerned with alcohol and drug abuse rehabilitation treatment, intervention, education, and prevention services is eligible for Associate membership. The Associate Agency member shall be eligible for all membership benefits, with the exception of a position on the Board of Directors.

Membership Application [PDF]

Individual Member Application

FADAA offers continuing education, free resources, advocacy and more! Cost is $60.

Membership Application [PDF]


For additional membership information, please contact:

Rebecca Roberts |Phone: (850) 878-2196
Director of Membership & Marketing

Carol Hyden | Phone: (850) 878-2196
Executive Assistant

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