Our Core Beliefs and Guiding Principles:

  • Addiction is a chronic disease that is amenable to preventive and treatment interventions.
  • Outcomes achieved in addictions treatment are comparable to other chronic diseases.
  • A continuum of evidence-based services should be available to meet the need.
  • Services are provided when stakeholders collaborate and services are effectively integrated.
  • Addiction treatment is a sound investment that saves taxpayer dollars, particularly in the criminal justice system.
  • Addiction and mental illness are frequently co-occurring and can be successfully managed in addiction programs.
  • Vocational components, childcare, and employment services are essential for effective treatment.
  • Staff are competent, well trained professionals who represent the community's diversity.

September is Recovery Month.

Building Recovery shows how support can empower those living in recovery as well as individuals seeking help to achieve their recovery goals.#recoverymonth


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Webinar: Understanding the Housing First Model: Engagement and Recovery Supports

Workshop: Trauma-Informed Clinical Supervision

Workshop: Trauma-Informed Clinical Supervision

Workshop: Trauma-Informed Clinical Supervision

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