Our Core Beliefs and Guiding Principles:

  • Addiction is a chronic disease that is amenable to preventive and treatment interventions.
  • Outcomes achieved in addictions treatment are comparable to other chronic diseases.
  • A continuum of evidence-based services should be available to meet the need.
  • Services are provided when stakeholders collaborate and services are effectively integrated.
  • Addiction treatment is a sound investment that saves taxpayer dollars, particularly in the criminal justice system.
  • Addiction and mental illness are frequently co-occurring and can be successfully managed in addiction programs.
  • Vocational components, childcare, and employment services are essential for effective treatment.
  • Staff are competent, well trained professionals who represent the community's diversity.

The Florida Medical Examiner's Report does a good job of reporting the correct number of opioid deaths in the state, but those numbers may not make it in the federal counts.

A study by the University of South Florida explains how this is happening. Read More

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