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Webinars | Veterans and their Families

The Challenges of Reconnection After War: Supporting Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan Wars and Their Families

2.0 CEU/Contact Hours Available

Presented By:
Roger Knight
Kathy Clair-Hayes

Event Date: 06-14-2013

Event Description: After 11 years of war many of our service members are returning home. Learn about The Red Sox Foundation and Massachusetts General Hospital Home Base Program?

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The Realities of Combat, Combat Stress and Treatment of PTSD in Veterans Returning Home

2.0 CEU/Contact Hours Available

Presented By:
Scott Swaim

Event Date: 06-13-2013

Event Description: This webinar provides a detailed explanation of the differences between combat and operational stress and PTSD, and includes the most commonly used evidence-based, clinically tested treatment options. It highlights various stressors associated with combat, typical and atypical reactions to combat exposure, and the concept of operational stress. Participants will learn the latest evidence surrounding the epidemiology of PTSD in military personnel, as well as effective treatments for the disorder and its associated co-occurring problems.

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Secondary Traumatic Stress Exposure: The Perils of Trauma Work

2.0 CEU/Contact Hours Available

Presented By:
Nelson Lucca, Ph.D.

Event Date: 05-24-2013

Event Description: Thousands of returning military personnel are struggling with post- traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, substance abuse, and social withdrawal as a result of multiple deployments to combat theaters. The phenomenon of Secondary Traumatic Stress (STS), which is also referred to as Compassion Fatigue has been associated with the indirect exposure of traumatic episodes that primary victims of trauma have expressed and shared with caregivers and therapists. The result of the exposure itself is traumatizing and leads caregivers and therapists to symptoms similar to those of PTSD. In addition the repeated graphic and painful material that clients often present to therapists facilitates the development of Vicarious Traumatization. This webinar is designed for clinicians who are interested in working with veteran survivors of trauma exposure. Attendees will obtain a greater knowledge of the concepts and effects of Compassion Fatigue/ Secondary Traumatic Stress, Vicarious Traumatizatio

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