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Webinars | Prescription Drugs

The Prescription Drug Epidemic in Florida and the Nation

2.0 CEU/Contact Hours Available

Presented By:
Dr. Jason Fields

Event Date: 10-11-2012

Event Description: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently issued a statement that the United States is in the wake of a Prescription Drug Epidemic. There are still many lives being lost to prescription drug abuse in Florida and in the nation. With the growing awareness of the seriousness of this problem, there has been the implementation of legislation to address the crisis in Florida. One of the newest tools to identify individuals at risk for morbidity and mortality for prescription drugs is Florida?

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Safe Rx: Campaign for Responsible Prescriptions

2.0 CEU/Contact Hours Available

Presented By:
Dr. Brooke Baker

Event Date: 01-26-2012

Event Description: Florida communities are facing an epidemic. Prescription drug misuse has infiltrated our cities, neighborhoods, and families. It is up to us, as a prevention network, to begin to address this issue and help save lives. In response to an epidemic that kills 7 Floridians a day?

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