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Webinars | Performance Measurement

Data, Documentation, and Measurement are Your Friends

2.0 CEU/Contact Hours Available

Presented By:
Dr. T. R. Zastowny

Event Date: 12-15-2011

Event Description: This webinar is designed to provide a basic training in data understanding and management, and program evaluation. Elements of the data model and secondary analysis are covered as well as a graphics primer. Educational goals include improving understanding and skills in (1) basic data management, (2) the thoughtful use of existing data resources and databases and (3) assessing program performance. Elements of the NIATx approach are explained and referenced in support of effective use of data for improvement. A discussion of Evidence Based Practice and links to empirical and data platforms are provided.

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Evaluating Performance Measurement & Management Within Your Organization

2.0 CEU/Contact Hours Available

Presented By:
Paul M. Lefkovitz, PH.D.

Event Date: 11-16-2011

Event Description: Is your organization continuously enhancing its effectiveness and efficiency? Many behavioral health leaders readily admit that performance data does not play a major role in the ongoing improvement of quality and efficiency within their organizations. In this webinar, you will learn how to evaluate the effectiveness of the methods that are in place to measure and manage your organization?

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How to Improve Treatment Outcomes for Co-Occurring Disorders in Culturally Diverse Populations

Presented By:
Dr. Larry T. Richardson

Event Date: 06-24-2009

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Measuring the Impact of Change and Overcoming Common Challenges

Presented By:
Jay Ford, PhD

Event Date: 12-13-2007

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