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Emerging Issues
  • EDR Estimates $2 Billion Medicaid Deficit for FY2012: On December 10, Florida Office of Economic and Demographic Research (EDR) officials announced that, without additional appropriations, Florida's Medicaid program would face a deficit of over $2 billion in FY2012. State officials say that they will soon release official figures, which may place the projected deficit as high as $2.4 billion (Sunshine State News, 12/11/2010).
  • Update: Senate Committee Approves New Health Care Freedom Amendment: On December 8, the Florida Senate Health Regulation Committee approved a proposed constitutional amendment (S 0002) that would exempt the state from the national health care reform law's individual insurance mandate. If enacted by voters in 2012, the measure would amend the Florida constitution to declare that no rule or law may "compel, directly or indirectly, any person, employer or health-care provider to participate in any health-care system." The measure is a revision of a similar amendment that the Florida Supreme Court removed from the November 2010 ballot because it contained "misleading and ambiguous language." A similar measure has been introduced in the Florida House, and the Senate measure now goes before the Florida Senate Judiciary Committee (Health News Florida, 12/9/2010; The Miami Herald, 12/13/2010).
  • FMA Drafting Bill to Allow ACOs to Compete with HMOs in Medicaid: Officials from the Florida Medical Association (FMA) say that an FMA task force is developing proposed legislation that would change the state's Medicaid program to allow physician-led accountable care organizations (ACOs) to coordinate care for Medicaid beneficiaries. FMA officials say ACOs could manage care more efficiently than health maintenance organizations (HMOs), allowing Medicaid to raise physician reimbursement rates to match those provided under Medicare (Health News Florida, 12/10/2010).

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