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2012 Award Recipients

Dr. Donald “Jerry” Feulner Award - Leader of the Year

Patricia “Patti” Greenough, MA, CAP
Chief Executive Officer
EPIC Community Services, Inc.
St. Augustine

Patricia “Patti” Greenough has over 39 years in the field of substance abuse and mental health prevention and treatment. She has served as the chief executive officer of EPIC Community Services in St Augustine for the past 22 years. Ms. Greenough earned double major Bachelor Degrees in Psychology and Sociology from Florida State University and a Masters Degree in Counseling Education from Florida Atlantic University. Ms. Greenough’s professional career included positions as a juvenile probation counselor, family therapist, clinical director of a residential treatment facility and program director of a substance abuse prevention unit. Ms. Greenough is an active participant in several community and state organizations. She is the immediate past president of FADAA. Ms. Greenough is a member of the Big Brothers Big Sisters Association of Florida Board of Directors. Awards include FADAA’s Professional of the Year and the designation of Who's Who in Prevention Leadership from the State of Florida.

Volunteer of the Year Award

Pastor Thomas Quick
The Unlimited Path, Inc.

Pastor Thomas Quick has volunteered weekly with Century Correctional Institution during the past year through his affiliation with The Unlimited Path in Century. He provides the inmates enrolled in the Residential Therapeutic Community with the Men's Fraternity: The Quest for Authentic Manhood and works with the inmates to better themselves spiritually, emotionally and mentally.

Pastor Quick not only assists the inmates/clients but spreads his positive life philosophy with staff and anyone that is willing to talk with him about his experiences. Pastor Quick has great compassion and shares this with everyone he comes in contact with. Pastor Quick shares his enormous wealth of knowledge with the substance abuse inmates and anyone that shows him a desire to change their lives.

He has been employed with Dogwood Hills Church in Brewton, AL since March 1998. Pastor Quick has been working with his community and church affiliations to open a re-entry center for Brewton, AL with anticipation to open the doors in mid-October 2012.

Professional of the Year Award – Central Region

Robert Irving, PsyD, MA, BA, CAP
Outpatient Services Administrative Director
Tri-County Human Services, Inc.

Robert Irving has dedicated 40 years of his life to serving those in need of emotional support. He has worked at Tri-County Human Services for 14 years, first as a counselor, and now as the director of all outpatient clinical services. He has led a life of distinguished service, working in gerontology, substance abuse and mental health programs and DUI services. Mr. Irving has inspired talented clinicians to further their education and career. He has set a course to ensure a strong succession plan for the supervision of the outpatient services, recognizing and mentoring individuals with leadership capacity, teaching strategic planning, possessing strong management skills and executing sound financial/resource management.

Professional of the Year Award – Northeast Region

Vonnie Cowart, LPN
Nursing Supervisor/Detox
Gateway Community Services, Inc.

Vonnie Cowart has been employed with Gateway Community Services for 21 years and is currently the nursing supervisor for Detox. In this management role, Ms. Cowart supervises 23 nurses and 9 technicians. Under her guidance, the Detox facility continues to operate smoothly and efficiently. Knowing that detox is the front line of the Gateway operation, Ms. Cowart ensures the clients’ questions and needs are met. She is a great ambassador for Gateway and helps to bring about community awareness of Gateway’s services through her volunteer work in the Jacksonville community. Ms. Cowart's drive and determination earned her the awards of Employee of the Quarter and Employee of the Year for 2011. Ms. Cowart considers her work with clients seeking treatment from drug and alcohol addictions her calling and cannot picture herself doing any other job that could be any more rewarding.

Professional of the Year Award – Northwest Region

Ruby Richburg
MAT Nurse (Methadone)
Lakeview Center, Inc.

Ruby Richburg currently serves as an outstanding nurse for the MAT Program of Lakeview Center in Pensacola. Her experience, knowledge and professionalism in the field of nursing, substance abuse, mental health and planned parenting is felt by all and has resulted in the betterment of individuals and families she has had the privilege to serve. Ms. Richburg’s passion for her nursing profession, dedication, sense of humor and "can do/will do” work ethic is well respected. She is what helps Lakeview clients "Overcome Life's Challenges!” Ms. Richburg’s multitude of 25 excellent years of service to the Lakeview organizations via her leadership and outstanding professionalism has extended beyond her current position.

Professional of the Year Award – Southeast Region

Deborah Lynskey-Lake, MSW
Director of Substance Use Services
Chrysalis Health
Fort Lauderdale

Deborah Lynskey-Lake has dedicated her career to the study and treatment of substance use and mental health issues. Ms. Lynskey-Lake trained at The Harvard School of Medicine’s Division on Addiction and has worked in the field of addictions for the past 16 years. She has designed and implemented programs, groups and trainings focusing on substance abuse prevention for adolescents and older adults. She also provided training throughout the state of Massachusetts on substance abuse prevention through the Governor's Alliance Against Drugs grant program. In the past 3 years, Ms. Lynskey-Lake has taken on the role of the substance use director for Chrysalis Health, one of the largest behavioral health agencies in Florida.

Professional of the Year Award – Southern Region

Layda Teresita Sarracino, Foreign Medical Degree
Assistant Director of Case Management
Miami Behavioral Health Center

Layda Teresita Sarracino is a natural leader among peers and those she serves. She leads and encourages others to solve everyday problems and to study and strive to become better human beings with workable and creative solutions. Ms. Sarracino is a dedicated and committed professional who coaches, teaches and trains others consistently, while increasing services, maintaining good working relationships and enhancing resources for those she serves. Her unit received exemplary results from CARF and ACHA during audits under her supervision. Ms. Sarracino is a humble and gracious professional whose recognition is long overdue and deserves being awarded FADAA Professional of the Year.

Professional of the Year Award – Suncoast Region

Rebecca “Becky” Todd, MPA
Program Manager Prevention and Coalitions
Central Florida Behavioral Health Network

Rebecca “Becky” Todd has been an excellent addition to the Central Florida Behavioral Health Network team. She is a valuable member of the Network Development and Clinical Services team. Ms. Todd has demonstrated a great deal of initiative as evidenced by having prevention and coalition meetings. She has been attending prevention and coalition meetings in the region. She assisted in the successful coordination and implementation of Kids Fest 2010 and 2011. Ms. Todd held the first ever regional coalition meeting and now they meet on a bi-monthly basis. She has gained recognition on a local and statewide basis for her activities in prevention.

Clinician of the Year Award – Central Region

Tina Mills, CPS
Aftercare Relapse Prevention Counselor
Drug Abuse Treatment Association, Inc. (DATA)

Tina Mills exemplifies the word excellence! This clinician has performed in many capacities from Alpha II, Lifeskills, CASASTART to Aftercare, during her 12 years with the Drug Abuse Treatment Association, always with an expectation of perfection. Her work is impeccable both with the client and on paper. Ms. Mills’ excellence can be seen in the example of her work as a case manager in the CASASTART program when she attended a parenting program with a parent ensuring the parent completion. As the aftercare specialist, she will travel the Circuit 19 area to see her clients connected and stable in a drug-free setting. Ms. Mills is humble and does not like attention for her dedication and devotion to work, but she is a shining star in everything she does.

Clinician of the Year Award – Northeast Region

Leila Ryno, MD, CAP
Haven Recovery Center
Daytona Beach

Leila Ryno was born in Kazakhstan and followed in her mother’s footsteps to pursue a degree in medicine, first attending University in Kazakhstan and then moving to her parents’ homeland of Georgia to attend Tbilisi State Medical Institute. Receiving her Doctorate of Medicine in 1989, Ms. Ryno began working and specializing in the field of psychiatry at the Psychiatric Medical Hospital of Tbilisi. She brings her seven years of experience as a practicing psychiatrist from the Tbilisi, Georgia Narcological Hospital to the indigent population of Daytona Beach. As a drug counselor, she combines cognitive restructuring and behavior modification to assist clients with co-occurring disorders. Ms. Ryno is an outstanding asset to the Haven Recovery Center staff. Her expertise in treatment approaches combined with her understanding of drug interactions makes Ms. Ryno a highly skilled and effective therapist.

Clinician of the Year Award – Northwest Region

Shari Lindquist, MA, BA, LMFT, CAP
Social Worker Clinical II
Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare Recovery Center

Shari Lindquist is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Tallahassee who received a Bachelor's of Arts in Psychology from Long Beach State University and a Master's of Arts in Counseling Psychology from National University, San Diego. She has over 12 years of experience working in private practice with a primary focus on families. Ms. Lindquist is a Certified Addiction Professional and has worked at Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare Recovery Center since May 2010. She has excelled in the field of addictions by assisting and counseling many patients and their families through the very difficult process of detoxification. Ms. Lindquist enjoys her work at TMH and is thankful to part of the healing process of her patients.

Clinician of the Year Award – Southeast Region

Claudia Penry, MA
School-Based Substance Abuse Intervention Counselor
Drug Abuse Treatment Association (DATA)
West Palm Beach

Claudia Penry has worked as a Substance Abuse Intervention Counselor in DATA's School-Based Program since 2006. She has proven to be an excellent clinician with the at-risk in Palm Beach County. Ms. Penry has become an integral part of this school’s family and is sought out by students, families and staff. She is an excellent advocate and goes above and beyond to help the youth. Using evidenced-based techniques, they collaboratively develop a plan to reach the goals. Ms. Penry has participated as a Change-Team Leader in a process which resulted in methods to improve direct service hours to the clients served. Her Master’s is in Counseling/Psychology and she is eager to complete testing for her CAP this fall.

Clinician of the Year Award – Suncoast Region

Chad Exceen, MS
Masters Level Therapist
BayCare Behavioral Health
New Port Richey

Chad Exceen is an Army Veteran who has worked at BayCare Behavioral Health in the mental health and substance abuse field since 2010. He currently works with Veterans and family members of Veterans seeking treatment as well as resources in the community. Mr. Exceen’s extensive knowledge of the resources available to Veterans in the community has allowed him to connect those in need with the available benefits. Mr. Exceen has helped countless Veterans find employment, gain VA benefits, obtain housing and successfully obtain mental health/substance abuse treatment.


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